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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Haiti, Five Years After the Earthquake: Fraudulent Reconstruction Under Military Occupation

By Julie Lévesque - Globalresearch.ca - January 12, 2015
Five years after the devastating earthquake, numerous massive protests were held against the UN occupation (MINUSTAH) and for the departure of Haitian President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. The latter finally resigned in December 2014.

These demonstrations did not make their way into the mainstream media in 2014. Why?
When anti-government protests occur in a country which is not led by a U.S. ally, there is extensive coverage. Haiti’s current leaders are “suitable” for Western leaders, most of all for the U.S. since it actually chooses Haiti’s leaders, not the Haitian people.

On January 12 there will be extensive coverage of the 5th anniversary of the devastating earthquake but the major issues and structural problems will either not be addressed or, at best, will be presented in a way that supports the deceitful notion of the white man’s burden. “Haiti needs our help.” Or does it? And what kind of help are we talking about?
“International aid” is nothing but a capitalist, imperial tool designed to keep the South captive of the North’s disastrous neoliberal policies which hinder genuine development and prevent the South’s economic and political sovereignty.
Where does aid money go? In the very pockets of those who pretend to give.Haiti is probably the best example of the scam international aid really is.

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