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Sunday, 11 January 2015

The big hypocrites

by Dagmar Henn, Vineyardsaker.de, 9/1/2015
Translated by The Vineyard Saker in Oceania

Dagmar Henn is a social services professional, she is a former member of the Munich City Council for Die Linke (“The Left’”), formed from a fusion of the former ruling party of the German People’s Republic, the Socialist Union Party, with a left-wing split from the Social Democratic Party.

I would like to react with dismay after the Paris assault.

But how can I, when I read sentences like this one:
“Actually no one needs to wonder that more and more people are afraid of Islam. In its name and referring to the Koran fear and terror are being spread. The weak voices denying that the “Islamic State” and other organisations of terror reveal the true face of Islam are always drowned again and again by the explosions of bombs and the screams of those who are brutally murdered.”FAZ 07.01.2014
In my head these sentences write themselves anew. How would it be like this:

Actually no one needs to wonder that more and more people are afraid of the West. In its name and referring to human rights fear and terror are being spread. The weak voices denying that “NATO” and other organisations of terror reveal the West’s true face are drowned again and again by the explosions of bombs and the screams of those who are brutally murdered.

You could as well exchange “NATO” for “Frontex[1]“, or “IMF” or….  When looking for organisations that brutally murder people there is a long list.

There could also be this version:

Actually no one needs to wonder that more and more people are afraid of Capitalism. In its name and referring to the free market….

Yes, I realise that I am loosing my humanity. My reason tells me that the publication of nauseous racist drawings does not justify murder. My reason calls for compassion.

But my emotional system is too busy fighting down the nausea caused by the enormous wave of hypocrisy.

“An attack against freedom of opinion”? The attack against freedom of opinion, is actually happening daily and with extreme success by and on behalf of those who own the media, the few big media corporations. The extreme political phasing, no matter if it happens under pressure or out of conviction. Just because there is no blood flowing from this kind of attack, it isn´t harmless or less real.

I watch this whole wave of commanded compassion, and I can´t ignore the racism expressed in it. I can´t any longer. I can´t help that my first reaction, watching the dismay flowing out of the tv crews, is to ask myself — how would Europe look today if the reaction had been like this on May 2? After Odessa?

Every single solemn tone makes me sick.
I know, it is an individual matter, unavoidable, when the threshold is passed, and that all the year-long hypocrisy regarding Frontex should have been sufficient. All this talk about human rights, while nobody cares when people of another skin colour are shot, starved, poisoned or something else, just to save the profits of white, western world from pain.

And still I feel my threshold was passed last year. On May 2. in Odessa. It might have been due to the fact that live-stream moved the events of this day closer to me than anything before.

Or not.

Because if there has been anything (and it never has been more than this single thing), just one, where the speeches about Europe had a true core, then this true core meant “Fascism never again.” Not much had been achieved; the barbary of colonialism never ended, one way or the other, the rest of the world was still perceived through a racist filter, and any social right depended on the mood of the market. All those fights of the 20th century didn´t leave much of a legacy.

Just this single point was reality in Europe, at least since 1975[2] – fascism never again!

It burnt in Odessa, and the ashes were blown apart by the silence that followed it.

When I hear the sentence “this is an assault upon us all”, I cringe. I look who stands in this lines, and I don´t want to be at their side. My rationality tells me I wouldn´t be better than they are, that any human life is worth the same, and any human suffering demands the same compassion.

But my emotion says: you can mourn. These aren´t my people, these were yours. My emotion switches to autopilot, when the prevailing opinion activates the laments. It turns the other way.

There is still the level of reason. Which criticises the tale unemotionally; realises that an assault by French citizens against French citizens is primarily an expression of social circumstances, not of religion, even if it wears the mask of religion. That connecting this assault with Islam is just another construction of a racist tale. Reason does its job and looks at the different levels — where a fitting interpretation is built; observes, how ruthlessly the opportunity is exploited to milk the propagandistic confirmation of a “community of values” out of the death of 12 people, how all class contradictions get dissolved in a “Volksgemeinschaft[3]” based upon values. Rationality demands a profound analysis.

But emotion is empty and tired and much to busy with nausea to have space for anything else, and denies reason the patience necessary for such an approach. For emotion the world broke into two, following an erratic line perhaps, not always up to the demands of class conscience, but it broke (and it is surprising after decades of political activity that this fracture still is something new, and that it can be dated so precisely; that all the rage through decades, from the end of the Vietnam war until today, didn´t cause it, and how deep it runs). Emotion says, let them mourn their dead.

I have mourned mine since May 2, 2014.
Notes [1]Frontex is  the EU military cooperation that is intended to block immigration into Europe. It is mainly active in the Mediterranean, where following estimates several thousand refugees die traversing the sea.
On November 20 1975 Franco died in Spain and the last fascist rule in Europe ended. In 1974 the rule of Salazar in Portugal and of the Greek military were overthrown.

[3]„Volksgemeinschaft“ is a word out of Nazi vocabulary that refers to a population without any inner contradictions, where the lower classes are expected to submit to the upper ones as this is their natural fate…

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