2022 FIFA World Cup Water scandal

Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher, Stories and News No. 1289, 7/10/2022

We are almost there, my friends. Hold on, please.
In a month the great show will begin.
But who would have thought it would be an opportunity to do something right,  supportive, in one word, human?
Apparently, despite the considerable environmental impact and exorbitant costs, perhaps for once the end will justify the means.

Because, listen, from the tournament start, 140 fields will receive at least 10,000 liters of water a day for about three weeks. Fresh water, right? It has been previously desalinated, with all the necessary economic and industrial efforts, in addition to the environmental ones, as already mentioned. But this is an opportunity to be tolerant, because the survival of millions of people is at stake.
Now I haven't counted them all, but 140 fields is an important number, and 10,000 liters of water to drink a day is a real godsend.
I am obviously thinking of the fields, that is the camps with the largest number of inhabitants, such as Bidi Bidi, in Uganda, with its 270,000 refugees fleeing the civil war in South Sudan, and Kutupalong, Bangladesh, which hosts Rohingya refugees, competing the sad record of presences with the previous one.
Ten thousand liters of water a day would be an incredible blessing, where even a single sip can affect the possibility of surviving the next day.
But the list is long and it is really nice to be able to announce this magnificent news.
I imagine the joy in the other African camps, like obviously Dadaab, in Kenya, for the most part inhabited by Somali refugees due to a cursed "civil" war again, even if I still miss the reason why we persist to call it that way. What is civil about exterminating entire generations of families?

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